Knoxville Cedar Bluff Racquet Club Open Tournament September 2016 Participants Information

The tournament is officially full.   On behalf of the KTTC, we thank every one who has turned in their entries early.  Also, we apologize to those who we have to turn down for their entries due to the space and table limits.  At this point (8/29/16), we can only take down entries for stand-by list.  Stand-by players who make it to the main draw will be informed via email or phone call directly.  Please direct any inquiry to Jude Lam, email: and Phone: 865-300-4829.

Notes About the Tournament:

About the Venue

  • The competition is played at the Cedar Bluff Racquet Club Tennis Center.  The address is 701 Racquet Club Way, Knoxville, 37923
  • There are parkings outside the center.
  • All players must wear non-marking shoes or shoes with soft sole shoes.  If you are wearing indoor table tennis shoes, you are fine.  But if you are wearing other kind of sport shoes, please make sure that they are with non-marking sole in the bottom.  This is important because we don’t want to damage the indoor tennis court surface.  Thanks every one in advance for this compliance.

Tournament Format

  • 1st Round (Format: Round Robin):
    • 12 groups of 5 player each in a round robin format.
    • No top players are receiving a bye in the first round.  So every player starts playing in the morning at the same time.
  • 2nd Round (Format: Round Robin):
    • The top two finishes from the first round will be playing in the Championship Division Round Robin divided into 4 groups of 6.
    • The 3rd and 4th place finishes from the first round will be playing in the Class B Division Round Robin divided into 4 groups of 6.
    • The 5th place finish from the first round will be playing in the Class C Division Round Robin divided into 2 groups of 6.
  • 3rd Round (Format: Single Elimination):
    • The 1st and 2nd finishes from the Championship Round Robin groups will play in the Championship Division Quarter Finals.
    • The 3rd and 4th place finishes from Championship Round Robin groups will play in the Class A Division Quarter Finals.
    • The 1st and 2nd finishes from Class B Round Robin groups will play in the Class B Division Quarter Finals.
    • The 1st and 2nd finishes from Class C Round Robin groups will play in the Class C Division Cross-Over Semi-Finals.

About the Upset Gold Dollar

  • Upset Gold Dollar will be paid to winners of all upsets, regardless of player’s rating. However, both players at the match must have an official USATT rating before the start of the tournament before the winner of the match receives the Upset Gold Dollar.
  • Winners of each and every upset will receive Upset Gold Dollar using the following payout schedule:
    • Rating Difference: 100 or less, Upset Gold Dollar reward: $5.00
    • Rating Difference: 101 to 150, Upset Gold Dollar reward: $10.00
    • Rating Difference: 151 or larger, Upset Gold Dollar reward: $15.00
  • The gold dollars will be paid immediately upon confirmation of match sheets showing upsets on a first come first get paid basis until the fund runs out.  KTTC reserves $240 Upset Gold Dollars for this payout.  So sharpen your game and hit the court running fast!
  • In addition, Grand Upset Winner (the player accumulated the most Gold Dollars by the end of the tournament play) will receive an added bonus prize of $20 Upset Gold Dollars.


  • From 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Friday evening, Cedar Bluff Racquet Club and KTTC will host a player’s party at the club.  We will share the love of table tennis with our tennis friends.  Newgy will also be doing a Robot Demo and perhaps if time allows, we will have a mixed double with table tennis and tennis players.
  • The venue will be opened for practice on Friday evening between 8:00 – 9:30 p.m.  KTTC volunteers will be setting up the tables at around 6:15 p.m.  So if anyone who may be arriving earlier, we would appreciate any extra volunteers to help out the setup.
  • The main venue will be opened at 8:00 a.m. for check-in and warm-up on Saturday 9/10/2016.
  • Please make sure that you sign the USATT Waiver form at check-in.  We cannot report the tournament results without your signature.  Parents/Legal Guardian will sign the form on behalf of the junior players.
  • Players meeting will start at 8:45 a.m. and competition will start at 9:00 a.m.  Due to the high number of players, we will start on time and if you are late, your group will play around you first.  But if you are too late after all the matches are played among other group members, your matches will be defaulted and you won’t be able to participate for the rest of the tournament.
  • Second Round competition is planned to start at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon.  Pizza will be provided.  But please bring your own drink for your competition.
  • We expect that all competition will be completed by 7:30 p.m.

Confirmed Players

The following are the individuals whose entries are confirmed and the list is ranked by 9/08/2016 USATT rating.  Latest rating posted on Friday morning September 9th, 2016 will be used to prepare the final draw.

Seeding Name Club Rating
1 Cheng, Yu-Sung* EC Sports 2480
2 Jiang, Haodong* EC Sports 2480
3 Carney, A.j. Triangle Table Tennis center 2403
4 Hohl, Alex Charlotte TTC 2357
5 Mar, John AITTA 2222
6 Kt, Venmani Nashville TTC 2081
7 Zhu, Sabrina AITTA 2051
8 Davari, Seyyed Ali KTTC 1889
9 Ngo, Harrison Newgy TTC 1888
10 Fakharpour, Babak Lexington TTC 1880
11 Yang, Ely KTTC 1854
12 Dickson, Shelton Nashville TTC 1851
13 Corica, Michael Charleston TTC 1840
14 Neuendorf, Tim Nashville TTC 1821
15 Miklowcic, Jerred Triangle Table Tennis center 1805
16 Zhang, Lipeng KTTC 1793
17 Kapsalakis, Dean Charlotte TTC 1790
18 Robinson, Ryan Charleston TTC 1785
19 Li, Fangxing (fran) KTTC 1770
20 Chen, Hongchu KTTC 1767
21 Kappel, Igor Charleston TTC 1759
22 Pinell, Octavio Asheville TTC 1754
23 Harris, Bruce KTTC 1732
24 Yang, Andrew AITTA 1729
25 Barati, Moe Lexington TTC 1706
26 Jeanice, Roger SITTA 1701
27 Ramaraj, Gobinath Nashville TTC 1681
28 D'azevedo, Eduardo KTTC 1632
29 Dickson, Roger Newgy TTC 1606
30 Lynch, David Pensacola TTC 1605
31 Sung, Shawfe EC Sports 1600
32 Wilson, Blair AGTTA 1590
33 Tumkur, Anil Asheville TTC 1584
34 Vincent, Daniel Nashville TTC 1568
35 Avram, Nicolae KTTC 1544
36 Englebreth, Bill Charlotte TTC 1542
37 Walker, John Edd Newgy TTC 1534
38 Salley, Mitchell Asheville TTC 1503
39 Workman, Gretchen Charleston TTC 1484
40 Mcmillin, Kathryn KTTC 1483
41 Semenov, Sergey Nashville TTC 1483
42 Hurt, Jonathan Nashville TTC 1483
43 Fort, Patrick Pensacola TTC 1450
44 Raxter, Kermit KTTC 1441
45 Krzysztof, Rykaczewski KTTC 1380
46 Preston, Dave Pensacola TTC 1375
47 Ruan, Cynthia EC Sports 1354
48 Kern, Bobby Triangle Table Tennis center 1348
49 Wu, Kelly EC Sports 1341
50 Sheikh, Naveed KTTC 1274
51 Manneschmidt, Eric KTTC 1185
52 Glasscock, Michael Nashville TTC 1179
53 Byrne, Sean* Chattanooga TTC 1100
54 Zhou, Kai EC Sports 1091
55 Gopalakrishna, Dhyuti AITTA 978
56 Walker, Mary Newgy TTC 808
57 Manneschmidt, John KTTC 714
58 Karpinski, Amy Triangle Table Tennis center 496
59 Ye, Lynn Lexington TTC 430
60 Sung, Kaitlyn EC Sports 246

* – Estimated Rating

Waiting List

  • Leon Chen, Mankato, MN

Jude Lam, President, Knoxville TTC