Sign up for the 41-point Handicap Tournament on 11/14/2017


KTTC will host its fourth annual 41-point handicap tournament event on November 14th, 2017 Tuesday.

This will be a FAIR, FUN, & FABULOUS Event for all!

Please sign up in advance by emailing to Jude Lam (


  1. We will have 16 players maximum. The format is single elimination.
  2. Each player will pay only $3.00 to play.
  3. Winner of the tournament will get 50% of the money, 2nd place will get 25%.  So if we have 16 players, top prize will be $24 and 2nd place will be $12.
  4. Each match will be a single 41-point match with handicap points given to a lower rating player according to USATT handicap scale. e.g. if Player A’s rating is 1650 and Player B’s rating is 1400, Player B will start the match with 14 points ahead of Player A. So every player has equal chance!  Click here for the Handicap chart.  Also, previous handicap tournament players will have their rating adjusted based on their last performance.
  5. The draw will be done on 11/14 and matches will begin immediately after the draw. If we cannot finish all matches, those matches will be played on 11/16 or based on the players’ availability.
  6. Any player who does not have a formal USATT rating will be rated by the club officers.
  7. Draw starts at 7:30 p.m. and the matches will start around 7:45 p.m.

We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to sign up and have FUN with this!

Confirmed Players and the club handicap rating:

  1. Brian (Estimated: 500)
  2. Kermit (USATT: 1430)
  3. Geoff (USATT: 797)
  4. Nic (USATT: 1667)
  5. Olena (USATT: 714)
  6. Greg Hamilton (USATT: 829)
  7. Dwain Kitchel (USATT: 1515)
  8. HyunWoo Lee (USATT: 1702)
  9. Jonathan Foulds (USATT: 1764)
  10. Gishelle Gish (Estimated: 950)
  11. Martin Del Vecchio (USATT: 2107)
  12. Bruce Harris (USATT: 1713)
  13. Victor (Estimated: 1400)
  14. Ely (USATT: 1870)
  15. Steve (USATT: 1540)
  16. Ali (USATT: 1968)
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